Timeline 3D


Timeline 3D App Challenge

Timeline 3D

Please complete the following steps: On your iPad…

1. Open up Timeline 3D.

2. Click on the “+” button in the bottom left corner. Select “create timeline” – you can also import one made on your desktop/laptop/other iPad via Dropbox.

3. Choose a name for your timeline.

4. The app will now open to your timeline creation page. Click on the “+” in the lower left and the “New Event” screen will pop up.

5. Add your first event. The date (“Start”) can be entered as a year only or if you have the complete date then you can enter that instead. You don’t need to have an “End” date. “Notes” is where you add your description for the date. You can add a link to an external website by adding the URL. Tap on “Add Media” to add an image or movie from your camera roll (or Dropbox).

6. Continue to add events – it doesn’t matter about which order they are added in as the app will automatically sort them.

7. When you have finished you can view the 3D representation by clicking on the play button at the bottom left.

8. Take a screenshot of your timeline (2D or 3D) and attach it below (if you are a member).

9. If you want to share your timeline, click on the share square at the bottom left – from here you will be able to print the timeline, publish it to the web, export it as a document or slideshow or share it as a PDF.