30Hands App Challenge

30 Hands

Please complete the following: On Your iPad…

1. Open up the 30Hands app.

2. Name your presentation.

3. Upload your ‘slides’ – these are actually images on your camera roll. You can pause at this point and go to your camera roll to upload everything that you need.

4. Once you have all the images/slides that you want from your camera roll into 30Hands, then click on the first slide.

5. You will be able to annotate your slides one by one, and then record the audio for each one (you cannot annotate while you record voice, so do the annotations first.

6. Once you have the annotations and audio recorded, publish your video to 30Hands (you will have to sign up first – you can do this all at this point). Don’t close the window!

7. After it is published, you will have the option to “Email Link to Project” – please do this and submit the link below (if you are a member).